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Golf Cart Bill of Sale Form

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Golf Cart Bill of Sale Form

Updated September 04, 2023

A golf cart bill of sale transfers the ownership of a golf cart in exchange for cash or trade. Since there is no registration after the sale, after a bill of sale is signed the transaction is complete.

It is recommended to sign a bill of sale AFTER payment has been made in full.

Battery (Golf Cart)

It is recommended to check the golf cart battery status before buying. A battery usually lasts 5-8 years depending on usage and care. If a new one is needed, it can cost the new owner between $800 to $2,000.

To check its status, conduct a quick diagnostic test of its volts and amperage. This video provides a good overview of how to test a golf cart battery.

Table of Contents

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you drive a Golf Cart on a public road?

Depends on the State. For example, it is allowed in Florida, while in Texas, a license plate is required to drive on the road.[1]

Does a Golf Cart have a Certificate of Title?

No, golf carts do not have a certificate of title. All recorded sales are completed through the use of a bill of sale.

Does a Golf Cart have to be Registered?

A golf cart does not have to be registered with any State in the USA.

Do you need a Driver’s License to operate a Golf Cart?

Depends on the State. In Florida, the only requirement is being at least 18 years of age,[2]  while in Texas, a driver’s license is required.[3]

Does a Golf Cart have a VIN?

All golf carts have a serial number (not a Vehicle Identification Number or VIN) that can determine the make, model, power source. It is usually located on the inside of the glove box or under the driver’s seat (on older models).

Sample Golf Cart Bill of Sale


Date: [DATE]

I, the undersigned Seller, [SELLER’S NAME], for the sum of $[SELLING PRICE OF GOLF CART], sell to the undersigned Buyer, [BUYER’S NAME], the following Golf Cart:




Type: Gas Electric


Battery Voltage / CCs: [VOLTAGE / CCS OF GOLF CART]

The undersigned Seller affirms that the above information regarding the Golf Cart is accurate to the best his/her knowledge.

The undersigned Buyer accepts receipt of this Bill of Sale and understands that the above Golf Cart is sold in “as is” condition with no guarantees or warranties, either expressed or implied, for the item.

Seller’s Signature: _________________________

Printed Name: _________________________

Street Address: [SELLER’S ADDRESS]



Buyer’s Signature: _________________________

Printed Name: _________________________

Street Address: [BUYER’S ADDRESS]



How to Write

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I. Golf Cart Sale Effective Date

(1) Official Date Of Payment. The calendar date when the golf cart payment was formally received (by the Seller) should be established before documenting the concerned transaction.

II. Statement Of Golf Cart Sale

(2) Golf Cart Seller Name. The Party or the Entity conducting this transaction, typically the Golf Cart Owner, must be named as the Seller. Furnish the Golf Cart Seller’s legal name to the first space of the first paragraph.

(3) Golf Cart Payment Confirmation. The statement made here will need to solidify that the cost of the golf cart has been satisfied with a Purchaser’s payment. To this end, deliver the exact amount of money the Golf Cart Seller received as payment to the appropriate area.

(4) Buyer Submitting Payment. The Purchaser of the golf cart must be identified as the originator of the payment above. Furnish the Golf Cart Buyer’s name to the appropriate area.

III. Golf Cart Sold

(5) Make, Model, Year. The gold cart at the center of this transaction will have to be clearly identified. For this goal, supply the name of the Manufacturer as its “Make,” the “Model” golf cart produced, and the “Year” when it was produced to the areas provided. A visual inspection of the golf cart and its title will be able to provide all this information easily.

(6) Engine Type. The manner by which the golf cart achieves motion should be included in the identification process. Thus, indicate if the golf cart is a “Gas” vehicle with a combustion engine by selecting the first checkbox or if it moves using electrical power by selecting the second checkbox (“Electric”).

(7) Golf Cart Serial Number. The golf cart serial number can be found on a decal that is typically found on the interior of the cart (i.e. the steering column, near the glove compartment, etc.). Locate this decal then furnish the golf cart serial number to this document.

(8) Battery Voltage/CCS. The battery voltage required by the golf cart must be presented when defining it. This can be found by lifting the seat of the golf cart where the battery is located, counting the number of caps/holes on the top of the battery, then multiplying that number. For instance, a battery with four caps/holes on the top will be an eight-volt battery.

IV. Golf Cart Seller Confirmation

(9) Golf Cart Seller’s Signature. The Golf Cart Seller will need to agree to release ownership of the golf cart in exchange for the payment received. He or she will do this by signing this bill of sale.

(10) Golf Cart Seller’s Printed Name.

(11) Golf Cart Seller Information. The Golf Cart Seller must produce his or her address, telephone number, and email address to complete his or her signature participation in this document’s execution.

V. Golf Cart Buyer Acknowledgment

(12) Golf Cart Buyer Signature. The Golf Cart Purchaser (the Buyer) must sign his or her name to acknowledge that he or she must now take ownership of the golf cart and that the payment submitted is authorized.

(13) Golf Cart Buyer’s Printed Name.

(14) Golf Cart Buyer Contact Information. Every Purchaser of the golf cart in this document who has signed and printed his or her name as an acknowledgment of receiving ownership of the golf cart must also deliver his or her mailing address, phone number, and email address where requested by his or her signature area.


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