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Iowa Firearm Bill of Sale Form

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Iowa Firearm Bill of Sale Form

Updated September 19, 2023

An Iowa firearm bill of sale is used by a buyer and seller to prove the sale of a firearm in the State of Iowa. It proves that the transaction was legal and serves as evidence of a change of ownership. It also includes important information about the buyer, seller, and firearm. This document does require notarization.

Table of Contents

Privately Selling a Firearm

Anyone eligible to own a firearm in Iowa is allowed to sell a firearm in a private transaction.

Prohibited from Buying

Only individuals who have been issued a Permit to Acquire by their local Sheriff’s department are eligible to purchase and own a firearm. A person is also ineligible to purchase or own a firearm if the person:[1]

  • Is less than eighteen years of age for a professional permit or less than twenty-one years of age for a nonprofessional permit.
  • Is addicted to the use of alcohol.
  • Probable cause exists to believe, based upon documented specific actions of the person, where at least one of the actions occurred within two years immediately preceding the date of the permit application, that the person is likely to use a weapon unlawfully or in such other manner as would endanger the person’s self or others.
  • Is subject to the provisions of section 724.26.
  • Has, within the previous three years, been convicted of any serious or aggravated misdemeanor[2] not involving the use of a firearm or explosive.
  • Is prohibited by federal law from shipping, transporting, possessing, or receiving a firearm.

Registering a Firearm

Firearm owners do not have to register their individual weapons with the state.[3]

Concealed Carry

Individuals in Iowa are not required to obtain a permit to carry concealed handguns. However, many still opt to acquire a nonprofessional permit in order to continue carrying outside the state legally — if and when the other state recognizes foreign permits, a legal principle that is known as “reciprocity.” 

How to Apply

Only those who are twenty-one (21) years old or older can apply for a nonprofessional permit.

Step 1 – Complete a firearm safety and training course that is recognized by Iowa statute[4] or a course offered by an organization approved by the Department of Public Safety.[5]

Step 2 – Submit an Application for Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons to the local Sheriff’s office.

Step 3 – Pass a background check.


Iowa recognizes all U.S. concealed carry permits from other states.[6]


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