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Iowa Bill of Sale Forms (4)

Iowa bill of sale forms provide legal documentation for the sale of personal property. They are a type of receipt recognized by the state and, for vehicle transactions, by the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). A bill of sale must be signed by both the buyer and seller to be valid.
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Notary Requirement (Iowa Code 321.13) – If a government agency questions the genuineness or legitimacy of a bill of sale, both signatures of the buyer and seller must be notarized.

Forms (4)

Vehicle Bill of Sale – This document will establish proof of purchase and change of ownership of a motor vehicle. Once completed, it will become a part of the proof of ownership to the buyer during registration.

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Boat Bill of Sale – To change the ownership of a vessel.

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Firearm Bill of Sale – To be used to provide evidence that a firearm has been legally sold and has changed ownership.

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General Bill of Sale – This form is usually used between two private parties for the sale and change of ownership of personal property.

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