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Iowa Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

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Iowa Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Updated September 05, 2023

An Iowa motor vehicle bill of sale provides evidence of a legal purchase and sale transaction between a buyer and seller of a vehicle. Aside from disclosing the agreed-upon price and condition, a bill of sale is often required in the State of Iowa upon transferring the vehicle’s title from the previous owner to the purchaser. The new owner may utilize all documentation to officially register the vehicle under their name.

Signing Requirements – Both the buyer and seller must sign. A licensed notary public must also sign and acknowledge the document.

Table of Contents

Registering a Vehicle

A new owner must register the vehicle within thirty (30) days of purchase or during the first 30 days of establishing residency in the State of Iowa. Vehicle owners are required to renew the registration annually upon receiving notice from their County Treasurer. Notices are typically mailed one (1) month prior to the owner’s assigned renewal date. Iowans can renew their registration online through the County Treasurers Association’s online portal.

Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 411077) – Required for the private purchase and sale of a motor vehicle.

Where to Register

Vehicles must be registered in person at a nearby County Treasurer’s Office.

Required Documents


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