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Mississippi Boat Bill of Sale

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Mississippi Boat Bill of Sale

Updated October 03, 2023

A Mississippi boat bill of sale is a document that holds information about the sale of a watercraft between two (2) parties in the State of Mississippi. The information contained provides details about the buyer, the seller, and the vessel that are necessary to register the vessel with the state. It also serves as proof of the change of ownership between the two parties.

Signing Requirements: The form must be signed by the seller and the buyer, and it must also be notarized.

Table of Contents

Registering a Boat

All sailboats and vessels equipped with propulsion machinery must be registered with the state of Mississippi. A new boat owner has ten (10) days from the purchase date to submit a registration application.[1] Boat registrations are valid for three (3) calendar years.[2] Registrations can be renewed online, by phone (1-800-546-4868), or by mail to the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Headquarters.

Where to Register

Boat registration applications can be mailed to the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Headquarters: MDWFP Boat Registration, 1505 Eastover Dr., Jackson, MS 39211.

Required Documents


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