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North Dakota Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale | Form SFN-2888

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North Dakota Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale | Form SFN-2888

Updated January 16, 2024

A North Dakota motor vehicle bill of sale is a legal document used to prove the sale and of a vehicle in the State of North Dakota. The form shows information pertaining to the buyer, the seller, the vehicle, and serves as proof of a change of ownership. This document must be notarized.

Signing Requirements – Seller (only) is required to notarize.

Odometer Disclosure Statement (Federal Form) – Include this form if the vehicle is under ten (10) years old or under sixteen thousand (16,000) pounds.

Table of Contents

Registering a Vehicle:

A vehicle owner has five days from the date of acquisition to register the vehicle.[1] Registration is valid for one calendar year. Renew registration at any self-service kiosk located across the state.

Where to Register

Vehicle owners can register their vehicles at any DMV location.

Required Documents 


  1. North Dakota Motor Vehicles
  2. North Dakota Motor Insurance Department