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North Dakota Bill of Sale Forms (4)

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North Dakota Bill of Sale Forms (4)

Updated February 08, 2024

A North Dakota bill of sale is a transactional document allowing 2 parties (buyer and seller) to exchange property for cash or trade. It provides a written settlement recording that can be used to register the property if needed (such as for a motor vehicle). The form should only be signed after all parties have exchanged the items mentioned in the bill of sale.

Forms (4)

Vehicle Bill of Sale (SFN-2888)– Document needed when registering and transferring the title from the seller to a buyer.

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Boat Bill of Sale – For the purchase and sale of watercraft from one party to another.

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Firearm Bill of Sale – A gun may be conveyed through this document, and a buyer is willing to pay the price approved by the seller.

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General Bill of Sale – For the transfer of possession of any type of personal property.

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