Nebraska Boat Bill of Sale Form

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Updated June 23, 2022

A Nebraska boat bill of sale is a document that contains information about the sale of a watercraft that is required for its registration with the State of Nebraska. It is comprised of important details about the buyer, the seller, and the vessel. It must be included in the registration application.

Signing Requirements: This document requires signatures from the buyer and seller, and must also be notarized.

Table of Contents

Registering a Boat

Any watercraft with a mechanical propeller must be registered in the state of Nebraska. Boat registrations in Nebraska expire on December 31st of the third year and can be renewed for three (3) year periods after that. Registration renewal can be processed online with the Nebraska DMV or in person with the boat owner’s local county treasurer.

Where to Register

New registrations have to process through the county treasurer in the owner’s county of residence.

Required Documents