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New Jersey Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

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New Jersey Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Updated September 12, 2023

A New Jersey motor vehicle bill of sale is a legal document that provides proof of the legal sale, purchase, and change of ownership of a motor vehicle. This form records necessary information about the seller, buyer, and vehicle for registration purposes. The bill of sale requires notarization.

Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form OS/SS UTA) – This form must be attached to the bill of sale if the vehicle is less than sixteen thousand (16,000) pounds or ten (10) years old.

Table of Contents

Registering a Vehicle

A new owner has 60 days to register their vehicle with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.[1] Registration must be renewed annually. Renewal is available with the Motor Vehicle Commission online, by mail, or in person.

Where to Register

Vehicle owners must apply for new registrations in-person at a Motor Vehicle Commission center. Appointments are required.[2]

Required Documents


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