Rhode Island Bill of Sale Forms (4)

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Updated May 30, 2023

A Rhode Island bill of sale records a transaction between a buyer and seller for the purchase of personal property. The document will identify the buyer and seller and the exchange taking place (i.e. property for cash or trade). Any additional title or registration document should be transferred at the time of sale.

It is recommended that a bill of sale is signed by both the buyer and seller.

Forms (4)

Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale – Provides documentation regarding the sale of a vehicle purchased and sold legally. It may be used for registration and proof of ownership.

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Boat Bill of Sale – This document will prove the legal sale, purchase and change of ownership with regard to a vessel/boat in Rhode Island.

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General Bill of Sale – Generally used between two private parties in the sale and purchase of personal property.

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Gun Bill of Sale – Identifies the buyer and seller in a transaction for the sale of a firearm.

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