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South Dakota Gun Bill of Sale Form

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South Dakota Gun Bill of Sale Form

Updated September 14, 2023

A South Dakota gun bill of sale is a legal document that provides proof that the legal sale and purchase of a firearm has been transacted between a buyer and seller in the State of South Dakota. The form will provide proof that there has been a change of ownership as well as identifying information of the firearm and the seller and buyer. This document will require notarization.

Table of Contents

Privately Selling a Firearm

South Dakota does not have any laws regulating the private sale of firearms, as long as both the buyer and seller are legally allowed to own a firearm in the state.

Prohibited from Buying

The following persons are prohibited from owning and purchasing a firearm in South Dakota:

  • No person under the age of eighteen years may knowingly possess a pistol;[1]
  • No person who has been convicted in this state or elsewhere of a crime of violence or a felony may possess or have control of a firearm;[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]
  • No person who has been convicted of a felony under chapter 22-42 or of a felony for a crime with the same elements in another state may possess or have control of a firearm;[11]
  • No person who has been convicted of any misdemeanor crime involving an act of domestic violence may possess or have control of a firearm for a period of one year from the date of conviction.[12]

Registering a Firearm

Government agencies are prohibited from creating any sort of firearm registry for privately owned firearms in the state.[13]

Concealed Carry

Concealed carry is legal without a permit,[14] but South Dakota does still offer two types of concealed carry permits for the purposes of reciprocity: Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit (reciprocity with thirty-seven (37) other states) and Gold Card Concealed Carry Permit (reciprocity with thirty-two (32) other states).

How to Apply

A resident of South Dakota has to be no younger than twenty-one (21) years of age in order to receive a concealed carry permit application.[15]

Step 1 – Complete a firearm safety training course.[16]

Step 2 – Complete a Concealed Pistol Permit Application.

Step 3 – Submit the application to the sheriff in the county of the applicant’s residence.

Step 4 – Submit fingerprints to the sheriff.

Step 5 – Pay the $10 filing fee.[17]

Step 6 – Pass a federal background check.


South Dakota recognizes concealed carry permits from all states except the following: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Rhode Island.[18]


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