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Tennessee Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

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Tennessee Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Updated April 14, 2023

A Tennessee motor vehicle bill of sale is a legal document that proves a motor vehicle has been legally sold in the State of Tennessee. The form will provide information about the seller and the buyer, identifying information about the vehicle, and the circumstances of the change of ownership.

If the exchange is between private parties, it is recommended that the bill be signed after the buyer has assumed possession of the car and the seller has received the money.

Signing requirements – Both the Buyer and seller must sign.

Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form RV-F1317001) – Required by the seller to complete in order to provide a written statement that the odometer has not been tampered with, reset, or rolled back.

Table of Contents

Registering a Vehicle

Any vehicle owned by a Tennessee resident that will be operated on Tennessee roads must be registered. The state of Tennessee does not specify how long after purchasing a vehicle an owner has to register it, because some counties, but not all, require emissions testing for vehicles, and title will be issued by the clerk’s office in the buyer’s county of residence after the vehicle has passed inspection. You may purchase a temporary plate while the process is being completed. The duration of a registration period will also vary by county. Registration renewal may be done online, by mail or in person.

Where to Register

The buy may gather needed documentation and either drop it off for processing at one of your nearest County Clerk’s Locations or may mail it to the clerk’s office.

Required Documents