Sexual Consent (Contract) Form

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The sexual consent form is a written agreement that relays in clear terms the intent of two consenting adults to participate in sexual acts together. The form allows the couple to enter the date and time the activity is to occur and list the exact permissions made by the consenting party. In case things go beyond what was originally intended, the consenter will have to mark that it will be ruled an accident with no repercussions or that the accident will be determined as assault. After the agreement is made it is recommended, although not required, to be signed with a witness present.

Legal Purpose – The agreement shows legal consent by an individual for acts that may involve intercourse, oral sex, or other related activities.

Creating a Sexual Consent Agreement

A sexual consent agreement allows two (2) people to make boundaries and share permissions and activities to create an atmosphere that is comfortable for both parties. The consenting party, often the female, can make specific requests so that the male does not have to worry about any wrong-doing after the fact.

1. Talk Openly with Each Other

The Proposer (the person wanting to engage in sexual activity) and the Consenter (the person accepting an offer to engage in sexual activity) must be honest and open about the sexual activities they want and won’t allow. The consent of these activities holds a person accountable for their actions if they do not get explicit permission from the other participating partner. Celebrities and high profile individuals should always consider signing a sexual consent form to prevent rape and false accusations. Because sexual activities are done in private settings, it’s hard to prove or disprove an accusation. Therefore, by having a sexual consent form, you are protected to engage in sexual activities with another person without worry.

2. Lay Out the Terms

The participating parties can decide which sexual acts they wish to perform ahead of time, allowing for a mutually enjoyable and safe sexual environment. Escalation due to the physical attraction is often inevitable. The “Ratchet Clause” offers options for participants to add sexual activities to the existing list by entering them into the consent form or agreeing to them verbally. The sexual consent form includes an “Accidental Violation” section to ensure the safety and protection of both parties involved. Furthermore, the “Failure to Perform” section recognizes the possibility of an inability to perform the activities listed on the form and does not consider this a violation of the agreement.

3. Stow and Engage

Once both individuals are satisfied with the rules of the agreement, it’s highly recommended to sign this form in the presence of a witness. If a lawyer is aiding either party with this agreement, the witness attesting to the signatures should be of a third party. Once the agreement is signed and completed, copies should be given to both the Proposer and Consenter. Parties are then able to participate in the sexual activities therein at a chosen date.

If either party feels they have been sexually assaulted, call 800-656-HOPE (4673) or visit RAINN for confidential help. If you are in an emergency call 911.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx), or Open Document Text (.odt).

Step 2 – The first part of the sexual consent form requires the current date and the names of both parties involved; “Proposer” and “Consenter.”

Step 3 – Proceed to the 3rd paragraph and enter the time and date on which the sexual encounter will occur. The duration of the sexual activities should also be included.

Step 4 – Under the “Activity” section, both the Proposer and Consenter must initial beside each sexual act they intend on performing on one another. Note: some activities require specific orifices to be mentioned.

Step 5 – Under the “Contraception” section, the Proposer and Consenter must enter the type(s) of contraception they are using on a regular basis as well as the type(s) they plan on using during vaginal/anal penetrative activities.

Step 6 – There are three (3) options under the “Ratchet Clause” that allow the participants to decide how any sexual activities not previously mentioned in the list shall be consented to. Select either option a), b), or c). Both Proposer and Consenter must initial the agreed upon option.

Step 7 – The next portion of the consent form to be completed is the “Accidental Violation” section. Select the first checkbox to agree that any sexual penetration not made available in the list of activities shall be deemed an assault. Select the second checkbox to agree that any sexual penetration not made available in the list of activities shall be deemed an accident.

Step 8 – Both the Proposer and Consenter must sign and date the form at the bottom of page 3. A witness signature and date is optional.