Alabama Corporate Bylaws Template

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Updated May 31, 2022

Alabama corporate bylaws are a set of rules contained in a document that is created by the directors and/or shareholders of a corporation with the purpose of regulating the corporation’s structure and day-to-day business. The administration of shares, members, committees, and all other business activities should be included in the bylaws. Any amendments must be made during a meeting that is called by the board of directors with a vote either by the directors or the shareholders, in accordance with the provisions set forth in the bylaws.

Required in Alabama? Yes (§ 10A-2A-2.05(a))


Emergency Bylaws

Emergency bylaws are allowed to be used only during a “catastrophic event” to call a meeting and administer business duties. After the catastrophic event has ended, the standard bylaws will take precedent. (§ 10A-2A-2.06)