Arkansas Corporate Bylaws Template

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Updated September 22, 2021

Arkansas corporate bylaws are a list of rules and procedures that the board of directors for a corporation adopts when the corporation is created. The bylaws, which are contained in a legal document executed by the board, will dictate the daily operations and management structure of the corporation. The document will usually describe the structure and schedule of annual shareholder meetings, the division of committees, the appointment of corporate officers, and the issuance of stock. Corporate bylaws are often constructed with the assistance of an attorney to ensure that the rules conform to state laws and the corporation’s’ articles of incorporation.

Required in Arkansas? Yes (§ 4-27-206(a))


Emergency Bylaws

A corporation’s board of directors can adopt emergency bylaws to include all provisions necessary to ensure the continued management of the corporation when a quorum of the directors cannot be assembled due to a catastrophic event. The emergency bylaws are only effective for the duration of the emergency situation. (§ 4-27-207)