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Connecticut Corporate Bylaws Template

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Connecticut Corporate Bylaws Template

Updated April 25, 2023

Connecticut corporate bylaws are the rules and regulations that a corporation adopts through a document executed by the board of directors. The document is not required to be made public record and, therefore, need only be distributed internally. The bylaws will generally include a description of the issuance of stock, the schedule of shareholder meetings, the structure of committees, and the appointment of corporate officers. The bylaws can be changed or repealed by the shareholders and board of directors if an amendment is presented at a shareholder or board meeting.

Required in Connecticut?  Yes (§ 33-640(a))


Emergency Bylaws

If a majority of the board of directors cannot be assembled due to a catastrophic event, the corporation may resort to emergency bylaws reserved for such a situation. The emergency measures become ineffective as soon as the situation is resolved. (§ 33-641)

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