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Delaware Corporate Bylaws Template

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Delaware Corporate Bylaws Template

Updated April 25, 2023

Delaware corporate bylaws are the rules and regulations that manage the structure and functions of a corporate entity. The bylaws are contained in a document that is executed by the incorporators and/or directors. The document designates the corporation’s directors, officers, and committees, as well as their respective rights, powers, and responsibilities. The bylaws will also dictate the issuance of stock and the structure for meetings of directors, officers, and shareholders. The bylaws may be repealed and amended, and new bylaws may be adopted by the directors and shareholders (or as allowed under the articles of incorporation/bylaws).


Emergency Bylaws

State law allows for the board of directors to adopt special bylaws that become effective in the event of an emergency. These measures provide operational protocols for conducting business in such circumstances as a terrorist attack, nuclear disaster, or natural catastrophe. The emergency bylaws are subject to amendment by the shareholders and are only effective during an active emergency. (§ 110)

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