Florida Corporate Bylaws Template

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Updated September 22, 2021

Florida corporate bylaws relay the rules and methods of operation for a corporation and must be adopted after the entity has been created. Unless the articles of incorporation state that the shareholders are designated to draft the bylaws, the incorporators or directors will create and execute the document. The bylaws define the structure of the corporation and its daily operations, including the issuance of its shares. The bylaws also address the scheduling and form of meetings for shareholders, directors, and committees. Shareholders and board directors may amend, appeal, and adopt bylaws at shareholder and board meetings.

Required in Florida? Yes (§ 607.0207(1))


Emergency Bylaws

The corporation may adopt emergency bylaws that provide procedures for emergency board meetings and the appointment of substitute directors. Such measures are only effective during emergencies that prevent a quorum of the regular board members from being assembled. (§ 607.0207)