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Georgia Corporate Bylaws Template

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Georgia Corporate Bylaws Template

Updated April 25, 2023

Georgia corporate bylaws contain the rules and regulations for a corporation that are adopted by the incorporators and/or directors after the articles of incorporation have been filed. The document will generally describe the corporate structure, including the appointment and responsibilities of all directors, officers, and committees. The bylaws may contain any provisions for the management of corporate affairs that do not contravene state law or the articles of incorporation.

Required in Georgia?  Yes (§ 14-2-206(a))


Emergency Bylaws

Unless the articles of incorporation do not allow it, the directors may create emergency bylaws that permit them to conduct business in the state of an emergency by allowing board meetings to take place with special quorum requirements and substitute directors. These bylaws are only active during the time that a regular quorum cannot be assembled due to a catastrophic event. (§ 14-2-207)

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