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Iowa Corporate Bylaws Template

Iowa corporate bylaws define the internal rules of a corporate business entity. They are adopted by the board of directors after the articles of incorporation have been filed with the Secretary of State. The bylaws must be drafted into a legal document by the directors and kept at the executive office.
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  • Annual Meetings – A corporation must hold a meeting of shareholders annually for the election of directors at a time stated in or fixed in accordance with the bylaws.[2]
  • Corporate Bylaws – The board of directors or incorporators must adopt the initial set of bylaws with provisions that are in compliance with state law and the articles of incorporation.[3]
  • Issuance of Stock – The board of directors can authorize shares to be issued for cash, promissory notes, services performed, contracts for services to be performed, or other securities of the corporation.[4]

Emergency Bylaws

The corporation may include emergency bylaws that relay procedures for conducting corporate affairs in the event of an emergency.[5]