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Massachusetts Corporate Bylaws Template

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Massachusetts Corporate Bylaws Template

Updated April 25, 2023

Massachusetts corporate bylaws are provisions created by the directors or incorporators of a corporation that structure the entity’s internal management and day-to-day business operations. Critical elements of the corporate bylaws include the rights and voting power of shareholders, types of stock issued, policies for scheduling meetings, the appointment of officers, and the manner in which bylaws can be added or amended. All items included in the bylaws must comply with Massachusetts law and the articles of incorporation.

Required in Massachusetts? Yes (Ch. 156D § 2.06(a))


Emergency Bylaws

Corporations are permitted to adopt bylaws that become effective upon the occurrence of a catastrophic event. These bylaws help manage the corporation for the duration of the emergency and run concurrently with the general bylaws already established (Ch. 156D § 2.07).

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