North Carolina Corporate Bylaws Template

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North Carolina corporate bylaws are created by the board of directors or incorporators of a corporation for the purpose of managing its business operations and internal affairs. The provisions contained in the bylaws may address the rights and responsibilities of corporate officers, the criteria for selecting new members, where and when meetings are held, and the voting rights of shareholders. Subsequent to the creation of the initial bylaws, the board may adopt, amend, alter, or repeal any provision to correspond with the changing needs of the corporation and its shareholders.

Required in North Carolina? Yes (§ 55-2-06(a))


Emergency Bylaws

The board of directors may institute bylaws to be effective in emergency circumstances only, such as a natural disaster or war. These bylaws, which are subject to the approval of the shareholders, will run in conjunction with the regular corporate bylaws and shall become void after the emergency ends (§ 55-2-07).