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Nebraska Corporate Bylaws Template

Nebraska corporate bylaws are rules that determine a corporation's management structure and regulate its day-to-day business operations. The board of directors or incorporators create an initial set of bylaws after filing the articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State.
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  • Annual Meetings – Unless there is written consent, a corporation must hold a meeting of shareholders annually at a time stated in or fixed in accordance with the bylaws.[2]
  • Corporate Bylaws – A corporation’s incorporators or board of directors must adopt initial bylaws with provisions that are consistent with the articles of incorporation and state law.[3]
  • Issuance of Stock – Shares may be issued by the board of directors for cash, promissory notes, services performed, contracts for services to be performed, or other securities of the corporation.[4]

Emergency Bylaws

If a majority of the board cannot be assembled due to a catastrophic circumstance, an emergency set of bylaws may be put into effect. The emergency bylaws may appoint substitute directors and define the procedures and requirements for board meetings, among other things.[5]