New Jersey Corporate Bylaws Template

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New Jersey corporate bylaws are terms created by the board of directors to govern the internal working procedures of a corporation. These terms cover the appointment and duties of corporate officers and directors, shareholder voting, distribution of dividends, annual meetings, and any other provision not inconsistent with the certificate of incorporation or New Jersey law. The initial bylaws are put in place at the first organizational meeting. Thereafter, the right to alter, repeal, or adopt new bylaws is held by the board of directors unless stated otherwise in the certificate of incorporation.

Required in New Jersey? Yes (§ 14A:2-9(1))


Emergency Bylaws

Emergency bylaws may be formulated by the board of directors to become effective only upon an emergency affecting the corporation’s business affairs. An emergency situation is defined as an attack on the county or a nuclear or atomic disaster. The emergency bylaws will cease to be effective after the emergency has ended (§ 14A:2-10).