Ohio Corporate Bylaws Template

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Ohio corporate bylaws are a set of rules presented in a written document for the purposes of governing a corporation’s structure and management. While certain statutes of Ohio regulate how corporations conduct business, the company bylaws are internal regulations that are to be followed by officers, directors, and shareholders. A bylaws template sets forth the manner in which certain procedures are handled such as adding or removing officers and directors, planning meetings, specifying ownership rights, issuing stock, and managing records. The term “regulations” is used often in Ohio statutes instead of “bylaws,” but the intent remains the same. A corporation is not legally obligated to file corporate bylaws with the secretary of state.


Emergency Bylaws

Emergency bylaws, or “emergency regulations,” can be adopted by a corporation in the event of an emergency as defined by § 1701.01. These regulations only remain in effect during the emergency. (§ 1701.11(C))