South Carolina Corporate Bylaws Template

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Updated May 31, 2022

South Carolina corporate bylaws are a written document containing all the rules and regulations of a corporation’s internal affairs in order to maintain structure and efficiency. The board of directors, or the owner/incorporator, will establish this document after incorporation is achieved and may amend it from time to time as the corporation develops and expands. Amendments can be made to the bylaws only after a meeting takes place of the board of directors or the shareholders or both. The shareholders will hold meetings, in a manner set forth in the bylaws, to elect, renew, or terminate the directors on the board.

Required in South Carolina? Yes (§ 33-2-106(a))


Emergency Bylaws

Emergency bylaws are bylaws that may be adopted by a corporation during an emergency of a catastrophic nature which will allow the corporation to maintain management effectively. (§ 33-2-107)