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Tennessee Corporate Bylaws Template

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Tennessee Corporate Bylaws Template

Updated April 25, 2023

Tennessee corporate bylaws are rules and regulations created by the incorporator or board of directors to govern a corporation’s internal affairs. The bylaws will include provisions that will relate directly to that corporations structure, management, and operational efficiency. While each corporation has their unique goals and structure, most corporations’ bylaws will contain clauses that could be transferable to any corporate entity. Bylaws will almost always include the following articles: election and termination of directors and officers, shareholders’ meetings, the creation and purpose of committees, dispersion of shares, and how the bylaws can be amended.

Required in Tennessee? Yes (§ 48-12-106(a))


Emergency Bylaws

If a quorum of a corporation’s directors cannot convene due to a catastrophic event, emergency bylaws may be put into effect so the corporation can continue to be managed effectively. (§ 48-12-107)