Virginia Corporate Bylaws Template

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Updated May 31, 2022

Virginia corporate bylaws govern how a corporation’s internal affairs are managed and structured. State law does require that a corporation create bylaws, but the criteria for the bylaws is up to each individual corporation as long as they are not inconsistent with state law and the articles of incorporation. All corporations are different; however, there are certain bylaws that are often adopted by all types of businesses. A typical bylaws template will include the number of directors and how they are elected and terminated, the responsibilities and meeting times of shareholders, the existence and powers of special committees, the distribution of shares, indemnification against liabilities, and how the bylaws may be amended.

Required in Virginia? Yes (§ 13.1-624(a))


Emergency Bylaws

In the case of an emergency where the board of directors are unable to assemble, emergency bylaws may be put into place to properly manage the corporation during said emergency. (§ 13.1-625)