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Wyoming Corporate Bylaws Template

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Wyoming Corporate Bylaws Template

Updated April 25, 2023

Wyoming corporate bylaws contain provisions that help regulate a corporation’s internal affairs. These bylaws are created by the incorporator or board of directors once the articles of incorporation have been filed with the appropriate state agency. Corporate bylaws must be adhered to by all directors, officers, and shareholders of the company. Although all corporations are different, most of the following articles will be found in their bylaws: the duties of directors and officers, how directors and officers are terminated/elected, the rights and responsibilities of shareholders, how company stock is transferred, and the creation and function of special committees. Amendments can only be made to the bylaws upon approval of the shareholders.

Required in Wyoming? Yes (§ 17-16-206(a))


Emergency Bylaws

Emergency bylaws (§ 17-16-207) exist for the purpose of managing the corporation in the event of an emergency, including:

(i) Procedures for calling a meeting of the board of directors;

(ii) Quorum requirements for the meeting; and

(iii) Designation of additional or substitute directors.