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Pay for Delete Letter | Sample Template

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Pay for Delete Letter | Sample Template

Updated August 12, 2023

A pay to remove a debt letter is an offer to pay a specific amount to remove an outstanding debt listed with credit reporting agencies. In the letter, it is common for the debtor to offer between 40% to 80% of the total amount owed to remove the debt and settle the matter.

If approved, the creditor will accept the offer and, after successful payment, will remove the outstanding debt listed with the credit agencies.

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Date: [DATE]


Account Number: [#]
Original Creditor: [NAME OF CREDITOR]
Amount Listed: $[#]


I, [SENDER NAME], am writing this letter to offer your credit department the one-time offer to settle the alleged amount due for $[#]. Please note that while I am offering this amount of money to settle the debt, this is not my acknowledgment of its liability.

However, as I do disagree with the total amount owed I am willing to agree to settle this debt as a show of goodwill under the following circumstances:

• Report to all credit agencies that this debt has been paid-in-full or the equivalent best-case scenario to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion;

• Payment will be made to satisfy the payment made in-full under the Account;

• This debt will be deleted from your records; and

• There will be no mention of this debt or settlement to any third (3rd) parties.

If the above-mentioned items are able to be met I am willing to make payment on this debt immediately. I will only answer to an individual who is an official representative of this Company with the terms of this offer expiring at the end of thirty (30) days.

Feel free to contact me through one of the following:





How to Write (Instructions)

1 – The Template Requesting A Delete Of Debt Can Be Obtained Here

The paperwork on this page will serve as a tool to formally request a Debt Deletion. Download this document in one of three formats: PDF, MS Word (.docx), OpenDocument

2 – Supply Some Preliminary Information

The Sender of this letter will need to produce some information in the Header of this document. First, make sure his or her Name should be supplied to the blank line at the top left of this page. The Sender’s Street Address should be reported on the Address line then, his or her City, State, and Zip Code should be filled in on the two lines below it.The next task will be to set the Date of this Letter. Traditionally, this is the Date it is signed. A blank space has been provided for this purpose.Locate the subject of this letter presented in boldface (“RE: In Regards…”). Several blank lines have been supplied to the “Account Number,” “Original Creditor,” and the “Amount Listed” of the Debt can be reported clearly at the start of this letter.

3 – Supplement The Greeting And Body Of This Letter With Some Requested Items

Open this letter by producing the Recipient’s Name on the blank line after the word “Dear.”The structure of this letter requires the Sender’s Name be entered on the first blank line in its body. Make sure this name is presented precisely as it appears in the Header.Next, using the blank line supplied after the dollar sign, report the Dollar Amount the Sender agrees to pay his or her Creditor in exchange for the forgiveness of the debt the Sender owes.

6 – Supply Additional Contact Information

It is generally recommended the Sender is as accessible to the Recipient as possible. Thus, record the Sender’s “E-Mail” Address and “Phone” Number on the two blank lines after the sentence “Feel Free To Contact Me Through One Of The Following.

7 – The Sender Must Sign This Letter

The Sender (who owes the debt) must sign his or her Name on the last blank line of this letter.