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Alaska General (Statutory) Warranty Deed Form

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Alaska General (Statutory) Warranty Deed Form

Updated September 19, 2023

An Alaska general warranty deed is used to sell a piece of real estate to another with a broad warranty of title. This means that the seller is guaranteeing that he or she holds legal title to the property and there are no other encumbrances and no other people who can claim an interest in the property. If there is someone who claims an interest, the person granting the property is responsible for making sure the situation gets resolved. If the seller is married, his or her spouse will also need to sign away any interest she or he may have in the property.

LawsChapter 15 – Conveyances & Alaska Statutes 2020[1][2]

Signing Requirements – Must be authorized with the grantor(s) signing in the presence of a Notary Public or another person who may take acknowledgments

Recording the Deed

The recording must take place at one of Alaska’s 34 Recording Districts.[3][4]

Statutory Form

Alaska’s statutory warranty deed is available in Alaska’s state law database.[5]


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