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Alabama General Warranty Deed Form

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Alabama General Warranty Deed Form

Updated February 01, 2024

An Alabama general warranty deed transfers real property, or real estate, to another in the state of Alabama. This type of deed provides a broad warranty or guarantee that the property is being conveyed without any encumbrance not already disclosed and that no one else has any claim to the property. If there is a claim against the property, the grantor (seller) is responsible for rectifying the situation.


If the property is the homestead (the person’s primary residence) of the current owner and the owner is married, the spouse must also sign the deed, and the signature must be acknowledged by a notary.[1]

Notices and Disclosures

A Real Estate Sales Validation (Form RT-1) should be completed prior to recording.[3]

Recording the Deed

Deeds must be filed with the County Probate Judge.[4]

Signing Requirements

A grantor who is able to write their name must complete and sign this form in the presence of either one (1) witness or a Notary Public. If the grantor cannot write their own name or refuses to do so, then the execution must be attested by two (2) witnesses or a notary public.[5]

Required: Witness or notary public and spouse if the Grantor is married.

State Laws


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