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Arizona Trust Deed Form

Arizona Trust Deed Form

Updated May 31, 2022

The Arizona trust deed is used when there is a security interest on the property. A lender holding a mortgage on the property uses this type of deed to indicate the interest that they have in the property in the event that the person borrowing the money fails to pay the mortgage as directed. If the borrower fails to pay, the lender may take action to secure their interest by demonstrating that they have a trust deed on the property.

LawsTitle 33 (Property), Chapter 6.1 – Deeds of Trust

How to Write

Step 1 – In the top section, indicate to whom the trust deed should be returned after recording.

Step 2 – Fill in the date of the deed.

Step 3 – In Section B, you should indicate the name of the borrower and the borrower’s address.

Step 4 – In Section C, write in the name of the Lender, the Lender’s state of incorporation and mailing address.

Step 5 – In Section D, write in the name of the Trustee and the trustee’s address.

Step 6 – Fill in the date of the note, the amount of the note and the due date of the note.

Step 7 – In Section H, check if there are any riders.

Step 8 – In the next section, fill in the recording jurisdiction, the legal description of the property and the address of the property.

Step 9 – The Borrower should sign and date the document in front of a witness and the lender should have the original recorded with the county recorder.

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