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Colorado General Warranty Deed Form

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Colorado General Warranty Deed Form

Updated March 05, 2024

A Colorado general warranty deed is a deed that passes real estate from a grantor to a grantee (a seller to a buyer) in Colorado. This allows the grantor to provide a warranty that he or she has a legal right to the property and a legal right to convey the property and that there are no others who can claim a right to the property. It is required in this document that the words “warrant(s) the title” be stated to convey the property in fee simple.

Laws Title 38 (Property) – Article 30 – Titles and Interests

Signing Requirements – Any warranty deed authorized by the seller (“grantor”) in Colorado must be done in the presence of a Notary Public.[1][2]

Recording the Deed

The form must be filed with the County Recorder’s Office.

Statutory Form

The deed must contain the words “sell(s) and convey(s)”.[3]


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