Colorado General Warranty Deed Form

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The Colorado general warranty deed is a deed that passes real estate from a grantor to a grantee or seller to buyer in Colorado. The grantor is providing a warranty that he or she has legal right to the property and a legal right to convey the property and that there are no others who can claim a right to the property. It is important with any land transfer that the buyer understands what rights to the property he is buying. That is why it is important that a title search is completed prior to purchase so any defects in the title can be ascertained ahead of time. It is required in this document that the words “warrant(s) the title” be stated to convey the property in a fee simple.

Laws (§ 38-30-113) – The deed must contain the words “sell(s) and convey(s)”

Recording – Form must be filed with the County Recorder’s Office.

Signing (§ 38-30-126) – Any warranty deed authorized by the seller (“grantor”) in Colorado must be done in the presence of a Notary Public.

How to Write

Step 1 – In the first blank, print the name(s) of the grantor(s) or seller(s).

Step 2  Fill in the address information next and the marital status of the grantor.

Step 3  Then, fill in the amount that is going to be paid for the property in both words and numbers.

Step 4 Next, print the name of the grantee or purchaser and their current address.

Step 5 – Check the box indicating how the purchaser(s) will hold the property.

Step 6 – Write in the address of the property and the legal description and recording information.

Step 7 – If there are any utility easements or other restrictions, include them in the space provided.

Step 8 – On the second page, fill in the recording information for the immediately previous deed.

Step 9 – Sign and date in front of a notary public.

Step 10 – The purchaser will need the original to file with the local county recorder. The grantor should keep a copy.