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Florida General Warranty Deed Form

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Florida General Warranty Deed Form

Updated September 05, 2023

A Florida general warranty deed is a deed that transfers property from one person to another. The person selling or transferring the property is called the “grantor,” and the person buying the property is called the “grantee.” A warranty deed conveys a sort of guarantee from the grantor that he or she has clean title to the property. This means that he or she owns the property and has the legal authority to transfer the property. However, it is still recommended that the buyer conduct a title search.

Laws Chapter 689 (Conveyances of Land and Declarations of Trust) – §§ 689.01 — 689.301

Signing Requirements – Must be signed in the presence of a Notary Public and two (2) witnesses. The Notary Public may be able to be one (1) of the witnesses; in this case, the Notary Public is required to sign twice (F.S.A. § 695.26).

Notices and Disclosures

Recording the Deed

The deed must be filed with the Clerk of the Circuit Court.