Hawaii Quit Claim Deed Form

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The Hawaii quitclaim deed is a form of deed conveying interest in real property from a Seller (the “Grantor”) to a Buyer (the “Grantee”). Because it is a quit claim, the seller is transferring the property with no guarantee whatsoever that he or she has clean title to the property. This means that the seller is not guaranteeing that there are no other claimants to the property. Quitclaim deeds are often used between family members or when there is a potential interest in the property that needs to be cleaned up and the person with the interest release such interest so the title can be considered clean. It is important that the buyer knows what he or she is buying so a title search may be in order.

LawsTitle 28, Section 502 (Bureau of Conveyances; Recording)

Recording Fees – Use the information on This Page to estimate the cost of filing the Quit Claim Deed at the Bureau of Conveyances.

Signing (§ 502-41) – All quit claim deeds are to be authorized with the Grantor(s) being present in front of a Notary Public.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the Hawaii Quit Claim Deed by clicking on one of the buttons under the image. There will be three choices of file type: PDF, ODT, and Word.

Step 2 – At the top first page will be the “Prepared By” section. You must divulge the “Name,” “Address,” “State,” and “Zip Code” of the person physically reporting the information onto this deed form.

Step 3 – Report the Mailing Address where you would like to receive the returned materials of this filing in the area labeled “After Recording Return To.” You must declare the Mail Recipient’s “Name,” “Address,” “State,” and “Zip Code” in the designated areas.

Step 4 – Document the Hawaii County where the Property is situated on the first blank space after the sub-heading “State of Hawaii.”

Step 5 – The quitclaim statement requires you to identify the Total Sum of the money the Grantor has named in order for this conveyance to take place. Write this value on the first blank line after the words “in consideration of the sum of” then enter it numerically.

Step 6 – Next, enter the Full Name of the person receiving the payment for the conveyance of this Property on the line after “paid to.” After you have reported this Name, write the word “Grantor” on the next space.

Step 7 – Find the term “residing at” then report the Grantor Address, County, City, and State on the four subsequent spaces.

State 8 – Next, the Full Name of the individual receiving this conveyance of land and the word “Grantee” must be reported on the spaces immediately following “quitclaims to.”

Step 9 – Once you have reported the Grantee Name, you must document the Complete Address. There will be a blank space after the words “residing at” where this can be done. You will also need to document the County, City, and State of the Grantee on the appropriately designated spaces.

Step 10 – The County of the Property must be provided on the blank space preceding “County, Hawaii to-wit.” Then, on the blank lines below this, report the Address and Legal Description of the Property.

Step 11 – On the next page, locate the “Grantor’s Signature” line. The Grantor must sign this line then Print his or her Name and enter the Address where he or she resides. There will be enough room for two Grantors to do this, however, you may add additional lines for more Grantors if necessary.

Step 12 – The term “State of Hawaii” at the bottom of the second page is strictly for the use of the Notary Public. The Notary Public will use this space to notarize this form.

Step 13 – Where the Hawaii Quit Claim Deed is submitted will depend on such things as location. You may be required to file this document with either Hawaii Land Court or the Hawaii County Registrar where the property is located. Contact one of these entities or the Hawaii Bureau of Conveyance for more information specific to the Property being conveyed.