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Illinois Quit Claim Deed

The Illinois quitclaim deed is used to convey real estate in Illinois from one party to another. However, unlike a warranty deed, the seller ("grantor") is not required to warrant the title to the property. It is important that the buyer ("grantee") perform a complete property search to determine what right to the property they are purchasing.
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  • Recording – The quitclaim deed must be recorded in the County Recorder’s Office where the real estate is located (See County List).
  • Signing (765 ILCS 5/20) – A quit claim deed must be signed with a notary public present before being recorded.
  • Statute – 765 ILCS 5/10
  • Transfer Tax Declaration (Form PTAX-203) – The transfer tax must be paid prior to or at the time of filing the quitclaim deed. This can be done by completing the form and filing it electronically.