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Indiana General Warranty Deed Form

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Indiana General Warranty Deed Form

Updated September 06, 2023

An Indiana general warranty deed is a type of deed with which a seller provides a warranty or guarantee that the property he or she is selling is free from other claims. In other words, the deed guarantees that if someone else claims ownership of all or part of the property, the seller will defend the buyer. Still, it is important that the buyer do some due diligence on the property by having a thorough property search completed so that any claims against the property can be resolved prior to the purchase.

Laws Title 32 (Property), Article 21 – Conveyance Procedures for Real Property

Signing Requirements – Must be acknowledged before a Notary Public (IC § 32-21-2-3).

Recording the Deed

This form may be filed at the County Recorder’s Office in the jurisdiction where the property is located.