Kansas General (Statutory) Warranty Deed Form

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The Kansas statutory warranty deed is used to transfer property with a warranty or guarantee from the seller to the buyer. The seller guarantees that there are no other interests in the property being sold and that he or she has the legal authority to transfer the property. If that is not the case, the seller is obligated to the buyer to rectify the situation. It still makes sense that the buyer should complete a thorough title search ensuring that there aren’t any hidden transfers of rights to the property so they will not have to deal with issues down the road. Once the deed is completed and acknowledged by a notary, the buyer must have it filed with the register of deeds in the county in which the property is located immediately.

Laws – § 58-2203

Recording (§ 58-2221) – Form must be filed at the County Recorder’s Office in the district where the property is located (Find Your County)

Signing (§ 58-2205) – Must be signed in the presence of a Notary Public.

How to Write

Step 1 – First fill in the grantor/seller’s name.

Step 2 – Write in the grantee/buyer’s name.

Step 3 – Fill in the county and legal description of the property.

Step 4 – Print the street address of the property.

Step 5 – Sign and date in front of a notary public and have it filed with the register of deeds.