Louisiana General Warranty Deed Form

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The Louisiana general warranty deed is used to transfer property in Louisiana from one person to another also known as the “Vendor” or the Seller, and the “Vendee” or the Buyer. The Vendor, when granting a warranty deed, is guaranteeing that the property is free from any other claims or interests (also known Redhibition) against the title. In Louisiana, you need two witnesses and a notary public to be present when the Seller is signing the deed. In addition, in order to prevent trouble later, the Vendee should make sure a thorough title or property search is completed in order to determine whether or not the Vendor has a clean title to the property.

LawsCC 2475

Recording – Form must be submitted to the Clerk of the Court’s Office in the Parish where the property is located.

Signing (CC 517) – Louisiana Warranty Deeds are to be signed in the presence of a Notary Public and Two (2) Witnesses.

How to Write

Step 1 – Fill in the name of the parish in which the property is located.

Step 2 – Put in the date and the name of the notary public.

Step 3 – Write in the names of the vendor and his or her mailing address and marital status.

Step 4 – Insert the name of the vendee and the vendee’s mailing address and marital status.

Step 5 – Enter the legal property description.

Step 6 – Include the consideration paid for the property.

Step 7 – Fill in the parish and tax information.

Step 8 – The document should be signed by the vendor, vendee, two witnesses and the notary public.

Step 9 – File the original with the Clerk of Court’s in the parish in which the property is located.