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Louisiana Deed Forms

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Updated December 19, 2023

A Louisiana deed is a legal document used to transfer land or real estate in Louisiana from one person to another. Deeds must be witnessed by two witnesses and a notary. Once they are properly completed witnessed and acknowledged, the must be filed with the land records department in the parish in which the property is located. Deeds require a description of the property, either the parcel number or the street address as well as the legal description which includes the metes and bounds of the property. In addition, the consideration paid for the property should be included.

Laws – Chapter 5 – Proof of Obligations

Recording – All Deeds must be filed with the Clerk of Court’s Office in the jurisdiction of where the immovable property is located.

Signing (CC 1839) – All Deeds must be signed with a Notary Public and two (2) witnesses.

Deed Types (3)

General Warranty – This type comes with a guarantee that the property being transferred has no other claims against it. If someone makes a claim of interest in the property, the seller agrees to indemnify the buyer against such claims.

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Quit ClaimThis transfers property without any of the guarantees that come with a warranty. If there are claims against the property, the seller cannot be held liable.

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Special Warranty – This provides a limited guarantee to the buyer that the seller has not conveyed any interest during the time of their ownership.

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Louisiana Property Search (5 steps)

In order to be sure of what you are purchasing when you buy property, it is important that a buyer look at the chain of title of the house to make sure that the seller owns full title to the property and there aren’t any others who may have a claim. In Louisiana, every Clerk of Court holds the land records for a given parish. You can go to the clerk of the court’s office to look at the chain of title. Some clerks of court have the records online, while others you will have to visit in person. Below is an example of how you would start an online search in Ascension Parish:

Step 1

Go to the clerk of court’s site, scroll down the page, and click on the Ascension Parish website.

louisiana clerk of court info

Step 2

Click on “Online Access” in the left column.

ascension parish clerk of court homepage

Step 3

You will be brought to eClerks LA homepage, where you will either log on or start a new subscription.

ascension parish subscription info

Step 4

To create a new account, you will need to supply your personal information and choose a password for your account. Click “Register” after providing the requisite information.

eVaultLA user registration page

Step 5

Once you have a subscription set up, you will need to know the vendor’s name and the parcel number or address in order to begin the title search.