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Louisiana Special Warranty Deed Form

Louisiana Special Warranty Deed Form

Updated April 10, 2024

A Louisiana special warranty deed is used to convey real estate in the State of Louisiana. It is one of the different types of deeds that provides a limited guarantee as to the title of the property. The guarantee is only that the vendor (seller) has not transferred any interest in the property to another while he or she has owned the property. The vendor does not guarantee any transfers that may or may not have occurred before the grantor owned the property, however. It is important that the buyer, or vendee, complete a thorough property search before he or she purchases the property so he or she has a good understanding as to the interest that they are buying in the property.

Laws – Chapter 5 – Proof of Obligations

Recording – All Deeds must be filed with the Clerk of Court’s Office in the jurisdiction of where the immovable property is located.

Signing (CC 1839) – All Deeds must be signed with a Notary Public and two (2) witnesses.

How to Write

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I. Information Provider

(1) Preparer Of Louisiana Record. The recording of this matter must be verifiable in every way possible, including the manner in which this written instrument was prepared. To this end, the legal name of the Party who dispenses information to the statements below must be named.

(2) Contact Address. Furnish the mailing address that should be used to contact the Preparer.

II. Destination Address For Clerk

(3) Louisiana Filing Recipient. The destination of this physical document after it has been submitted to the Clerk of the Court then filed will have to be displayed in the header as well. Be advised, the Recipient named here will be the Party to whom this deed will be sent.

(4) Mailing Information. Naturally, in order for the Clerk of the Court to make sure this paperwork arrives at its proper destination, he or she will need the mailing address of the intended Recipient. This address should be verified then produced in the second section where requested.

III. Grantor Or Seller Of Louisiana Property

(5) Identity Of Louisiana Property Seller. Use the first statement to identify the Seller of the Louisiana property by name as the Grantor of ownership. Every Louisiana Grantor participating in this issue must be named here so that he or she may put it in effect by signature.

(6) Louisiana Property Seller Address. Furnish the Louisiana Grantee’s entire home address using the three spaces provided to present the building/street/apartment number (i.e. street address), the County and the State where he or she lives.

IV. Payment Amount Submitted

(7) Submitted Payment For Louisiana Property. Documentation of the payment made to the Louisiana Seller or Grantor for the real property will have to be provided to this statement. As such, write out this dollar amount then re-enter it numerically in the parentheses.

V. Purchaser Of Louisiana Property

(8) Name Of Louisiana Property Purchaser. The Grantee or the Purchaser of the Louisiana property must be set to assume property ownership through the Grantor’s signing of this document. In order for this transfer of property to occur correctly, the full name of each Louisiana Grantee must be supplied. Only the Louisiana Grantees listed will have the right (according to this document) to seize ownership of the Louisiana property.

(9) Louisiana Property Purchaser Address. After naming each Louisiana Grantee, present each one’s home address. This should be delivered across three lines so that the street address, County, and the State of the Louisiana Grantor’s are each displayed separately.

VI. Description Of Louisiana Real Property

(10) Louisiana County Of Jurisdiction. The name of the Louisiana County where the real property can be physically seen, accessed, and visited must be documented.

(11) Legal Description. Continue discussing the Louisiana property with a record of its physical address and the legal description found on the most recent deed and Clerk of the County Recorder’s Office where it was filed. This legal description must be an exact replica of the information on record with the County holding jurisdiction over the property or on the deed.

VII. Confirming Signature Of Louisiana Grantor

(12) Signature And Name Of Louisiana Grantor. The Louisiana Grantor or Seller must execute this paperwork by signing and printing his or her name to place this transference of ownership over the concerned real property in effect.

(13) Home Address Of Louisiana Grantor. After producing his or her signature and printed name, the Louisiana Grantor(s) must dispense his or her home address.

VIII. Witness Confirmation

(14) Witness To Louisiana Grantor Action. Both Witnesses who have watched the Louisiana Grantor sign this document will be required to verify this action by signature. Thus, two Witness areas have been supplied to receive the signature, printed name, and home address of each Witness participating in this execution. IX. Notarization Of Louisiana Grantor Signing(14) Notary Action On Grantor Signing. The notarization of the Louisiana Seller or Grantor’s signature must be displayed in the final section. Only a Notary Public holding an active license may satisfy this section’s requirements.

(15) IX. Notarization Of Louisiana Grantor Signing. The notarization of the Louisiana Seller or Grantor’s signature must be displayed in the final section. Only a Notary Public holding an active license may satisfy this section’s requirements.