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Maryland Special Warranty Deed Form

Maryland Special Warranty Deed Form

Updated April 11, 2024

A Maryland special warranty deed is another legal document that conveys real property, also known as real estate, from a seller to a buyer. Similar to a warranty deed, it provides a guarantee running from the seller to the buyer. However, unlike a warranty deed, it provides a limited guarantee only. The seller guarantees that he or she has not conveyed the property to anyone else while he or she has held the property and will defend the buyer against any such claims. However, the seller does not guarantee any hidden conveyances that occurred prior to grantor’s ownership.

Laws – Real Property (§§ 1-101 — 15-103)

Statutory FormMD Code, Real Property, § 2-106

Signing (MD Code, Real Property, § 4-101) – All deeds authorized in the State of Maryland must be signed in the presence of a Notary Public.

How to Write

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I. Maryland Real Property Grantor

(1) Maryland Property Grantor. In order for this statement to function correctly, the full name of each Maryland Property Grantor will need to be documented. This is typically the current Owner who is selling real property located in the State Of Maryland. It should be known that any Owner of the Maryland property who desires to convey the ownership of such real estate through this document must be named here and must sign this statement in a proper manner.

(2) Address Of Property Grantor. Supply the Maryland Property Grantor’s street address and city of residence to the two spaces that follow then furnish the name of the State. This address must be the home of the Maryland Property Grantor and must be presented with the identity of each Grantor.

(3) Marital Status Of Maryland Grantor. If there are more than one Grantor then their marital status should be indicated by selecting the checkbox labeled “Married” or “Unmarried.”

II. Maryland Real Property Payment

(4) Payment For Maryland Property. Solidify the dollar amount that the Maryland Property Grantor received to release the real estate to the targeted Grantee. Write out the exact amount that was paid for the Maryland property in the space that precedes the parentheses. Once done, reproduce the reported payment amount with a numerical entry to confirm this amount as the payment that the Maryland Property Grantor received.

III. Maryland Grantee Of Real Property

(5) Identity Of Maryland Grantee Of Property. The Person or Persons receiving the Maryland property as its new Owner(s) will only have the ability to do so through this paperwork if each is identified in this statement as the Maryland Property Grantee.

(6) Complete Address Of Maryland Property Grantee. The Maryland Property Grantee’s residential street address and City are required to properly identify the Maryland Grantee along with his or her State of residence. Each Maryland Grantee to receive the concerned real estate must have his or her name submitted with his or her residential address.

(7) Marital Status Of Maryland Property Grantee(s). If the new Maryland Property Owners or Grantees are married then select the first checkbox regarding this topic (“Husband And Wife”).

(8) Joint Tenants. If there are multiple Grantees named who are unmarried, the question of which Grantor is entitled to what percentage of the real property’s ownership must be answered. If there are multiple Grantees whose ownership of the property will be considered equal, then the second checkbox must be selected. If they will not share equal ownership over the concerned property, then leave this option blank and proceed to the next statement.

(9) Tenants In Common. If there will be multiple Grantees who will divide the property and its ownership according to their own paperwork, then select the third checkbox status (“Tenants In Common”).

IV. Maryland Property Of Concern

(10) Maryland County Of Jurisdiction. The Maryland County responsible for maintaining the law where the property is located must be identified.

(11) Definition Of Maryland Property. The property that the Maryland Grantor shall release here must be well defined. To this end, submit a production of both its physical street address as well as a reproduction of its formal legal description.

V. Execution Of Maryland Property Transference

(12) Maryland Property Transfer Effective Date. The official transfer of ownership over the Maryland property will occur as of the effective date of this document. The Maryland Grantors signing this paperwork must supply the calendar date marking the date of this act to the final statement.

(13) Maryland Grantor Signature. The Maryland Grantor(s) must deliver his or her signature, printed name, and formally name the date of his or her signature.

VI. Preparer’s Certification

(14) Attorney Name. If this form has been prepared by an Attorney then his or her participation must be noted by furnishing the Preparing Attorney’s full legal name to the “Preparer’s Certification” statement.

(15) Attorney Signature. The Preparing Attorney must sign and date the certificate to confirm his or her efforts in developing this form for signing.

(16) Preparer Name. If this document was developed by a Party who is not an Attorney, then the second statement in the “Preparer’s Certification” statement should be supplied with the Preparer’s name.

(17) Preparer Signature. The Preparer must sign his or her name to certify his or her participation.

VII. Notary Public Participation

(18) Notarization Of Maryland Grantor Signature. The notarization of this document must occur at the time the above parties sign it. This method of authentication of the signature is mandated by the State of Maryland. Therefore the last section of this form may only be worked on by the Notary Public while attending the execution of this form.