Maine Quit Claim Deed Form

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Updated April 06, 2022

A Maine quitclaim deed without covenant is used to convey property to a buyer from a seller but does not provide a guarantee or warranty. This means the buyer is purchasing only whatever interest the seller may or may not have in the property being sold. These types of deeds are occasionally used between family members or from a person to his or her trust. However, it is always wise to check on the title to make sure there aren’t any new interests recorded in the property.


  • Signing – Title 33, § 203 – A Notary Public or officer of the court is required to witness the Grantor(s) signatures on a quit claim deed filed in the State of Maine.
  • Recording – Like all deeds in Maine, this deed must be acknowledged by a notary and filed with the Registry of Deeds in the County in which the property is located.
  • Statute – Title 33, § 161
  • Real Estate Transfer Tax (§ 4641) – Must be filed with an accompany deed and can be completed Online or with the Printable Form.