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Missouri Quit Claim Deed Form

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Missouri Quit Claim Deed Form

Updated April 11, 2024

A Missouri quitclaim deed is a form used to transfer property legally in Missouri. This should not be confused with a warranty deed since a quit claim deed does not inherently provide a written guarantee from the grantor that he or she has the legal authority to sell the property in question or that the title to the property is clear of other claims. Verifying such facts is up to the individual wishing to assume the grantor’s interest in the property. If you have any questions about what it is you are purchasing, it would be considered wise to have a thorough title search completed in order to find out if there are any undisclosed interests in the property.

St. Louis – Only in this city is a deed required to be signed by the Grantor(s) and the Grantee(s). Otherwise, the authorization of the Grantor(s) is in compliance.[1]



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