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Montana Quit Claim Deed Form

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Montana Quit Claim Deed Form

Updated September 07, 2023

A Montana quit claim deed is a legal form that allows the conveyance or transfer of real property (land and buildings) from one person, usually called the grantor, to another, usually called the grantee. A quit claim deed is different from a warranty deed because it does not come with a guarantee from the grantor as to the title. All it transfers is whatever interest grantor may have in the property, which could be all right, title and interest or no right, title and interest. This type of deed is often used in “close” situations – between close family members, or between related entities.


  • Recording (M.C.A. 70-21-201) – This form must be filed with the County Clerk and Recorder’s Office in the jurisdiction where the land is located (See County Website List).
  • Signing (§ 70-21-203) – A quit claim deed that is filed in Montana must be witnessed by a Notary Public upon the signature(s) of the Grantor(s).
  • Attachments (M.C.A. 15-7-305) – The Realty Transfer Certificate is required to be added to the Quit Claim Deed to state the details of the transaction as well as list the water rights of the real estate.