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North Dakota Special Warranty Deed Form

North Dakota Special Warranty Deed Form

Updated April 12, 2024

A North Dakota special warranty deed is similar to a general warranty deed because it guarantees title in the conveyance of real estate. However, with a special warranty deed, the title is guaranteed only as to any claims that arise out of the grantor’s ownership of the property. In other words, the grantor is guaranteeing that he or she has done nothing to encumber the title while he or she has owned the property, but the grantor is not guaranteeing anything that may have transpired with previous owners. Again, it is prudent to have a title search completed if you want to be sure of the interest that you are intending on purchasing.

Laws – Title 47 (Property), Chapters 47-10 & 47-19

Recording – All deeds should be filed with the County Recorder’s Office in the jurisdiction of the property.[1]

Signing – All deeds must be sworn by the Grantor(s) signing in the presence of a Notary Public.[2]

Grantee Certification – All deeds must include a signed certification from the grantee that certifies the amount paid for the property.[3]

How to Write

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Preparation Of North Dakota Statement

(1) Identify Of Declaration Preparer. Once all the information has been gathered a single Party will need to enter it directly onto this form whether manually or onscreen. The name of this North Dakota Preparer should be dispensed to the first line.

(2) Address Of North Dakota Statement Preparer. The business address where the North Dakota Statement Preparer can be reliably contacted is needed with his or her identity. Make use of the areas available in the first section to display this information.

II. Predetermined Post-Filing Recipient

(3) Formal Recipient Of Document. In order for this conveyance to be made (in the eyes of the State), it will need to be submitted to the North Dakota County Recorder Office for filing. Once the filing is over, the North Dakota County Recorder handling the matter will be obligated to release the physical paperwork. Only a predetermined Recipient who has been identified in the header can receive the finished document.

(4) North Dakota Filing Recipient Address. Document the legal mailing address of the Party authorized to receive the filed document from the Ohio County Recorders Office.

III. North Dakota Grantor

(5) Identity Of North Dakota Property Grantor. The Owner of the North Dakota real property will utilize this statement as the instrument to give or release the same claim of ownership over real property to another Party of his or her choosing. The North Dakota Property Owner must therefore be identified as the Grantor in this document.

(6) Street Address Of North Dakota Grantor. The home street address of the North Dakota Grantor is necessary to support his or her identity. Produce this content to the space requesting it.

(7) County And State Of Residence. Identify the Ohio Grantor’s County of residence and State of residence in this statement.

IV. North Dakota Property Payment

(8) Payment Made To North Dakota Grantor. A record of the payment made so that the North Dakota real property can be released to its Buyer is required by this instrument. Dispense, in writing, the exact dollar amount received by the North Dakota Grantor for this action.

(9) Confirmation Of North Dakota Property Payment. Enter the numerical version of the dollar amount received by the North Dakota Grantor in the parentheses. Naturally, both dollar values must be the same.

V. North Dakota Grantee

(10) North Dakota Grantee Name. The Buyer of North Dakota real estate, commonly the same Party that has purchased the Grantor’s real property, will have to be placed in this role. Identify the Buyer as the North Dakota Grantee with a record of his or her legal name.

(11) North Dakota Grantee Address. Documentation of the home address of every Person named as a North Dakota Grantee is required by this statement. The first line of this home address should be presented before continuing.

(12) County Of Residence And State. Furnish the Ohio Grantee’s County and State of residence.

VI. North Dakota Property

(13) North Dakota County. Name the North Dakota County where the concerned real estate is geographically located before discussing it further.

(14) North Dakota Property Definition. The entire legal description of the North Dakota real property should be obtained from either the County Recorder’s Office where the last deed for this real estate was filed or the contents of the last deed. Locate this information, then produce it in this document precisely as it appears.

VII. North Dakota Grantor Signing

(15) North Dakota Grantor’s Signature. The Owner of the North Dakota real estate can only use this instrument to release property through his or her notarized signature. Each North Dakota Grantor must sign then print his or her name as a part of this process.

(16) Grantor Printed Address. After signing and identifying himself or herself, the North Dakota Grantor is required to present his or her address.


(17) Proof Of Notary Public Participation. The Notary Public overseeing this signing will show the notarization process in the final area. Bear in mind the State of North Dakota will only consider this document as complete if every North Dakota Grantor’s signature is notarized and shown to be so.

(18) Grantee Certification. Additionally, the grantee must complete the certification section reserved for their use and signature.


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