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North Dakota Deed Forms – Quit Claim, Warranty, and Special Warranty

The North Dakota deeds are legal documents used in the transfer of real property in North Dakota. Deeds include the names of the grantor (the person selling the property) and the grantee (the person buying the property), the consideration paid for the property and the legal description of the property. Deeds are recorded with the County Recorder’s office in the county in which the property is located. Deeds can come with or without a warranty as to the title depending on the situation. It is recommended that a title search or property search be conducted prior to purchase to determine whether or not the title to the property is free of any claims.

LawsChapter 47-10 (Real Property Transfers)

Recording – All deeds should be processed and filed with the County Recorder’s Office in the jurisdiction of the real estate.

Signing (§ 47-19-03) – All deeds must be signed with the Grantor(s) signing in front of a Notary Public.

Deed Types

General Warranty – Comes with a warranty or guarantee from the seller that the property is free of any claims and if claims against title were to arise, the grantor would be liable to the buyer (grantee) to defend against such a claim.

Quit Claim – Does not come with any warranty or guarantee as to title. The purchaser is merely buying whatever interest the grantor (“seller”) has in the property, whether it be full, clear title or no title.

Special Warranty – Like the general warranty, comes with a guarantee from the grantor, but it is limited to the period during which grantor owned the property. The grantor guarantees that he or she has not done anything to encumber the property during the time he or she owned it.

North Dakota Property Search

In North Dakota, property records are located with the County Recorder. You can go to the recorder’s office to search documents or you can become a subscriber to this State-Wide Site in order to search records.  In all searches, whether online, or in person, you should follow the following steps:

Step 1 – Go to This Webpage and click ‘Enter‘ on the disclaimer.


Step 2 – If this is your 1st time using this system you will have to click on the ‘New User Registration’ link on the bottom of the page.


Step 3 – Create your username and profile by filling-in the fields as follows:

  • User ID
  • Password (and confirm)
  • First Name and Last Name or Company
  • Mailing Address
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  • Email Address


Step 4 – Accept the Terms and Conditions by scrolling to the bottom of the page and pressing the ‘Accept‘ button on the bottom-left of the page.


Step 5 – On the next page you will be asked to agree to the $25 per month subscription to the website.


Step 6 – After making payment via credit card, you can now conduct a search by clicking on the Document Search link in the upper-left part of the page.


Step 7 – Next you will be required to select the County the property is located in and then enter the details of the property to perform a search.