New York General Warranty Deed Form

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The New York general warranty deed, also knows as a “deed with full covenants”, is a document used to transfer the ownership of real estate without any incumbrances whatsoever. The title is forever warranted by the seller (“grantor”) in “fee simple” tenure. Required to be signed by the seller in the presence of a notary public. Afterwards, the deed is able to be filed with the County Court Clerk’s along with the required addendums (Form TP-584 and Form RP-5217).

Form TP-584 – Required to be attached.

Form RP-5217 – Required to be attached. For Properties in New York City or For Properties Outside New York City.

Laws – NY Real Prop L § 258

Recording (Form TP-584) – Must be submitted to the County Court Clerk’s Office (See List of County Websites).

Signing (RPP § 306) – A notary public is required to be the witness when the Grantor(s) authorizes the warranty deed.

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