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New York Special Warranty Deed Form

New York Special Warranty Deed Form

Updated July 17, 2023

A New York special warranty deed is a type of deed utilized in New York State to convey real estate. This kind of deed provides a limited guarantee, whereby the grantor, or seller), guarantees that he/she has not made any encumbrances or claims and will defend, on behalf of the buyer, any claims arising only during the period the grantor holds the title. As in all cases, it is prudent to complete a title search to determine exactly what interests in the property are actually being conveyed.

Laws – Real Property Law Chapter 50, Article 8 & 9

Form TP-584 (All Counties outside NYC) OR Form TP-584-NYC (NYC Use Only) – This required form is a tax return directly regarding real estate property.

Form RP-5217 OR RP-5217-NYC – One of these two transfer report forms must be attached to the deed. The first option is for jurisdictions outside of New York City (NYC) and the latter strictly for NYC use only.

Recording (N.Y. Real Prop. Law § 291) – Must be filed with the County Court Clerk’s Office (See List of County Websites).

Signing (N.Y. Real Prop. Law § 306) – A notary public shall acknowledge the signature of the grantor.

How To Write

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I. Statement Preparer

(1) Preparer Of New York Statement. The Party charged with furnishing information to this form requires identification. Thus, deliver his or her full name and legal mailing address to the top of the page.

II. Recording Recipient

(2) Recipient Of New York Record. After the New York County Recorder has registered this statement, the original will be sent back to the Recipient authorized to receive it. Dispense the name of this Mailing Recipient as well as his or her address.

III. Date Of Special Warranty Statement

(3) Date Of Property Transfer. The date that marks when the New York real Property Buyer or Real Property Grantee is able to use this document to take over the Grantor’s ownership of New York real property must be established in the statement made. Present this calendar date to the space provided.

IV. New York Grantor

(4) Name Of New York Property Seller. The Owner of New York real property in this paperwork will also be the Grantor of this property. Document the New York Property Grantor’s full name to the declaration being made.

V. New York Grantee

(5) Buyer Of New York Real Property. The Buyer of New York real property in this document will be referred to as the New York Property Grantee. For the Grantee have the ability to assume ownership over the New York real property from the Grantor, he or she must be named as the New York Property Grantee. Produce the New York Grantee’s name as requested.

VI. New York Property Purchase

(6) Payment Submitted For NY Property. This document will need to solidify the amount of money that was paid to the New York Grantor. This payment amount must be in writing then, in the parentheses on display, displayed numerically.

(7) New York Property Payment Confirmation. The payment amount submitted for the New York property must be confirmed to satisfy the language of this document. Therefore write out the amount received for the New York real property and present it numerically (a second time), using the similarly formatted spaces that follow the initial report above.

VII. New York Real Property

(8) New York Property Description. The address and the legal description of the New York real property must be included in this form in order for it to function correctly. The real property must be physically located in the State of New York. Therefore document its physical street address before proceeding to record its full legal description.

VIII. New York Grantor Signature

(9) Execution Of New York Property Owner. The New York Property Grantor will have to sign this document then submit his or her name in print before a Notary Public.

IX. New York Required Notarization

(10) Notarization. The Notary Public witnessing the New York Grantor’s signature will provide a record of the signature’s notarization.