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New York Special Warranty Deed

A New York special warranty deed is a type of deed used in New York to convey real estate ownership. This type of deed provides a limited guarantee, whereby the grantor (or seller) guarantees that there are no claims or encumbrances related to the title for the time he or she owned the property but not before.
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  • Form TP-584 (All Counties outside NYC) OR Form TP-584-NYC (NYC Use Only) – This required form is a tax return directly regarding real estate property.
  • Form RP-5217 OR RP-5217-NYC – One of these two transfer report forms must be attached to the deed. The first option is for jurisdictions outside of New York City (NYC) and the latter strictly for NYC use only.
  • Recording – Must be filed with the County Court Clerk’s Office (See List of County Websites).[1]
  • Signing – A notary public must acknowledge the signature of the grantor.[2]